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Log Reapir - North GeorgiaLog repair and replacement is one of the many specialties that we offer as part of our log home cabin restoration services. Peak Log Home Care has repaired dozens of log homes and cabins throughout North Georgia. No matter what type of log repair issue that you are facing, our team is ready to help make your log home structurally sound and look great again. If we’re replacing the logs on your home, we’ll be sure to match the olds logs with the new. If it’s a simple repair, our professionals have the tools and techniques to properly restore the logs.

Rotted logs can occur from a variety of reasons. The most common reason we see for rotten logs has to be splashup from a deck being added onto a log home without a roof over it. Without a generous overhang, rain will blow in toward the wall, hit the hard, smooth deck surface and bounce up on the bottom 2 or 3 courses of logs. The constant soaking gets even worse when the overhang doesn’t have a good gutter system. Now you’re taking all the water that has fallen on the roof, and letting it fall right down near the log wall, only to splash up on the logs and saturate them with moisture. Rot is right behind you with all that water present.

Another big cause of log rot is bushes and trees being planted too close to the house. Just like the situation above, you’re creating a place where water can splash in, but then be allowed to stay instead of evaporating, because the leaves hold moisture close, and prevent the sun from drying the logs out.

Finally, it seems like adding on a roof and not flashing the logs correctly, or allowing the new run off to run down a log wall is the final most common culprit.

We are happy to visit with you if you’re concerned about your log home, and point out areas of concern before they become expensive repairs. Maybe it’s too late, and you already have some rot starting? Don’t delay, call us soon, because with the right team of professionals in place, your log home can be restored to its natural beauty. Peak Log Home Care specialists are available to review your current log cabin in detail and discuss the best solution for repairing or replacing your logs. We are a full-service log home repair & restoration company in Fannin & Gilmer County, GA.

You can see from the pictures below, that we offer custom stain matching to blend your new logs with the existing logs on your home. Usually, even the stain that is in a can in the basement isn’t going to match up as the stain has changed shades on the existing logs. We can custom mix various shades to make sure it’s not an eyesore where we replace logs.

Our log home technicians have over 15 years experience repairing logs for all types of log cabin style homes, and we’re confident you’ll be comfortable working with us.

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