For those of you who do no care to watch the video, here is the transcript for you to read.

So people ask what is the standard treatment. Well the standard treatment is only one visit, but is it really worth it? Does it work well? To be honest yes it works very well. Most of our customers can get just a treatment in April or May and that keeps them for much of the season. Now you may have much more intensive problem. Maybe your home is headquarters and for a while you only had five holes. Maybe it’s just a perfect combination of trees, flowers,colony areas,radiant heat. You find that you get a quick knockdown and then in a month or so they start drifting back up again. Well that means you’re a good candidate for getting our annual maintenance program and that doesn’t just include carpenter bees but some other services. Why is that? Well our standard treatment price can get kind of expensive if you are calling us back again and again, and we realize that there’s not usually a need to charge that much. When we come back the second time we already know the access, we already know all the areas to
go to so our times are little bit quicker. We typically combine that with other services because face it, a trip charge is alot of what you’re paying for, for a couple technicians who are going to be there for a couple hours.
If you want to get the most for your money talk to us about our annual maintenance plan that typically includes three treatments, a low pressure wash, washing gutters screens and windows, spread out through the year at the time
that is the most effective for you.

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