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One challenge that log home owners across Fannin, Gilmer & Pickens County, GA face is the battle against Carpenter Bees. These pesky insects can do quite the damage, boring approximately 1/2″ diameter tunnels into logs and other wood surfaces. Carpenter Bees also attack decks, overhangs, fence rails, and more. Carpenter Bee tunnels can lead to greater threats for infestation of wood-decaying fungi or other insects, such as carpenter ants.  After years of testing various traps and insecticides, we’ve found a system of preventative measures, immediate treatment, and continuous control that has proven successful.  We call this the “Buzz Off” Carpenter Bee Treatment System.

Many log homeowners use temporary methods to managing carpenter bees such as eliminating the current bees, plugging visible holes or setting traps. What many log homeowners and contractors do not realize is that you must also tackle the areas not obviously visible. We use a proven system to eliminate carpenter bees from log homes and wood sided homes. For example, the first step of our process is to find the hidden areas such as behind the fascia boars, behind the gutters and so on. We also treat the exterior of the house with an EPA exempt blend of natural oils to repel any new bees from causing damage. There are a few additional services on top of that for those log homes that need it. We even offer annual maintenance plans to make sure that we keep your log home carpenter bee free in the future.

Peak Log Home Care is a full-service home & log cabin contractor in Fannin, Gilmer & Pickens County, GA. We have over 15 years experience eliminating carpenter bees from destroying log homes, cabins and wood sided homes.

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We offer a comprehensive system to Carpenter Bee Treatment to eliminate and prevent bees from invading your log home.
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