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When it comes to staining a log home, it’s important to hire a professional contractor that you can trust. Staining a log cabin is not a job for any ordinary painter, but reserved for professionals that specialize in log home staining. Why do we say this?

Most painters stain log home just the way they paint houses. They clean them by pressure washing with bleach and high pressure, remove anything that will come off, let it dry, and then apply whatever the homeowner wants to put on. They don’t want to risk losing a job by insisting on a product the homeowner isn’t familiar with or want. They also don’t usually know anything about the way their methods affect durability, because they don’t plan on coming back for 5-7 years.

Contrast that approach to our approach. From prepping the logs, to careful caulk and chinking application, to the final coat of finish, we realize that every step of the process is critical to properly restore and protect the beauty of your log home in Fannin & Gilmer County, GA.

We have several levels of cleaning and preparation to the logs that can be offered, depending on the logs and your needs. We know how to clean without causing damage to good stain, by using special cleaning solutions, equipment, and methods that are all different from painters.

Our team of professionals consider a variety of criteria to determine the best staining product to tackle the job. Factors such as the current stain on your home, your plans for maintenance in the future, the final desired color and sheen, location of the home in respect to its environment and more. Using the incorrect stain product or improper application can lead to long-term damage. How so?

Applying stains incorrectly can lead to early failure. While some stains fail and peel like old paint, many other things can indicate failure. Mold and mildew can grow UNDER the stain film, requiring complete removal of the product to remove the blackening mold. Stain can fail by not curing properly, staying sticky for months after application, and allowing pollen and mold to stick to it and grow. Again, you’re usually looking at stripping the surface to fix this.

Fortunately, Peak Log Home Care specialists are available to review your current log cabin in detail and discuss the best solution for your log home staining needs. We are a full-service log home staining company serving Fannin & Gilmer County, GA. In the last 15 years, we’ve stained over 2 million square feet of log home exteriors!

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