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Dry Media Blasting is a high pressure removal process that combines compressed air with a glass blasting media to produce an efficient and dry log stripping process. This process removes all of the old stain from the log cabin and allows the grain of the log to open up and be more receptive to staining. Adding a new layer of stain over an old stain is a very bad practice. Not only will the new stain not apply correctly leading to an undesired look, but it will also reduce the lifespan of the stained logs. This is where media blasting becomes a critical step in the process to re-stain your Fannin & Gilmer County, GA home. By removing all of the old stain, the new application of stain will be completely absorbed by the word pores.

Peak Log Home Care’s dry media blasting process completely removes 99% of the stain from the log home. A benefit to dry media blasting is that it’s a completely dry process and eliminates the concern of water getting inside during the process. This process is ideal for homes needing caulking or chinking. Peak Log Home Care specialists are available to review your current log cabin in detail and discuss the best solution for blasting and stripping your logs. We are a full-service dry media blasting & stripping company in North Georgia. We have over 15 years experience blasting and stripping log cabin homes of all sizes and styles.

Dry Media Blasting

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