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Log Home Blasting - North GeorgiaCorn Cob Blasting involves the process of using grit from finely ground corn cobs through a high volume, low pressure commercial grade blasting system to remove dirt, mildew, stain and finish from the logs on log cabin homes. Cob blasting might sound like an aggressive approach to strip your logs, but it’s actually a gentle, soft abrasive process. Cob blasting utilizes small grains of dried and ground corn cobs to provide a fresh, smooth surface on the logs.

Cob blasting is one of the preferred stripping methods to remove old finishes from the logs because it is a dry process. This eliminates the concern of water getting inside during the process. Water and moisture do not mix well with logs. The process of blasting with corn cob is also environmentally friendly. The corn cob is biodegradable and very safe for the environment. Peak Log Home Care is a full-service cob blasting contractor company in Fannin & Gilmer County, GA. We have over 15 years experience blasting and stripping log cabin homes of all sizes and styles.

Log Home Corn Cob Blasting

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