We get asked about our carpenter bee treatment program all the time, and often people ask us for customized plans. Some people want to call us whenever they need treatment, and that’s ok, except for the fact that we do other work as well and often are booked out 4-8 weeks once we get into our peak season of April-December.


Other folks have called us up in May after they are covered up with carpenter bees and woodpeckers, and asked us why we didn’t contact them to see if they wanted a treatment. Honestly, that’s a fair question. We have tried this in the past, and had really poor results. We emailed and called our entire list about getting on the schedule in March a few years ago. About 10% or so responded, the rest didn’t, or decided to wait and see if they would have carpenter bees again this year. Of course, they later did, but when they called, we were booked up and couldn’t get to them right away. Even when we could, we found ourselves going back again and again to the same neighborhoods as previous clients came to their cabins, saw the bees, and called us for treatment.

Our carpenter bee treatment plan is designed to benefit you and us as much as possible. Here’s the basics of what gets done.


Treated each time as follows:

Dust all carpenter bee holes with dessicant powder.
Spray all dormers, eaves, and other areas of high bee activity with natural organic oil spray to repel bees.
As necessary, we also:
paint woodpecker damage with taste deterrent for birds, mixed in a clear coat solution
hang iridescent strips over those areas and on corners to deter them further
inject foam into the woodpecker damage areas
caulk over the foam on the next visit when it has set up
So here is how our Carpenter Bee Treatment program works:
You agree to several treatments ahead of time, usually monthly thru around August or September, depending on your level of activity, and we bill you each month after the work is done. Since we are working on the exterior only, and we are combining trips with nearby clients, we can’t coordinate with homeowners to meet with them at this time.
Our program is based on a couple main points:
1. Our clients need regular service, being sporadic yields poor results.
2. We can be most efficient when we already know who is going to get treatment each month, because we can plan days for our technicians to have a convenient route, maximizing time on the jobs, instead of driving all over. This gives better results for the money.
3. Our office people can focus on the productive side of helping us in the field be more efficient, instead of getting approval for small jobs one at a time.
We don’t make any special trips out other than our monthly visits. If you have activity, feel free to let us know, of course! We’ll make a note of it for the next visit, and see if there’s any way we can give extra attention to a specific area.
Our technicians will have with them the tools and equipment for each task we mentioned above, and will perform what is necessary at each stop.
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