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Watch this simple explanation of how our carpenter bee traps work, and we also posted a transcription of the video for those who would rather read.

People ask us all the time what about carpenter bee be traps, some people love them, some people hate them. Do they really work? Well we’ve seen both. We’ve seen a contracted home with little jars hanging on them completely empty, with loads of bees swarming around the house, and we’ve seen them so stuffed, that not only was the jar full of dead carpenter bees but the housing on top of the actual trap was so completely full you couldn’t get another bee in there.
Well what’s the difference? What does this mean as far as whether you should put them up or not? Well no they do work, but there are some critical points to the structure and the design, and into where you place them. You want to keep in mind that carpenter bees are looking for an easy hole to go into so you want to make sure that it’s placed near other holes. You want to make sure that it’s not hanging from a string. Carpenter bees will not house in anything that spins around and moves, so you always want to mount it firmly on a post or so forth. Also carpenter bees are looking for a warm area. When they’re looking to go in a hole they’re really trying to find a place to lay eggs and they want to make sure that they’re going to stay safe and be able to use that on into the winter time. So look for a really warm area.
You have a choice so put it a little bit in the sun underneath soffits. It tends to not be warm for the bee traffic in the shade. It’s warm for the bees that are drilling into the soffit because there’s heat behind it so understanding how houses are built kind of helps with that. Your best bet is to get right on the fascia board that’s got a good solid wood. Try to use soft wood like cedar although it repels a lot of insects, it does not repel carpenter bees. It’s like dessert for carpenter bees. Soft and easy to drill. Drilling it it tends to be very dry. The other thing you wanted really nice dry wood, so try to get something that’s dried out. A solid piece of wood works better than something that’s made out of a thin flexible piece of wood.

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