About Peak Log Home Care of North Georgia

Peak Log Home Care has over 15 years of experience in serving log home owners throughout Fannin & Gilmer County, GA. We are a full-service log home restoration contractor offering a comprehensive list of services needed to restore, repair and maintain any and all types of log homes, cabins and wood-sided homes. Our crew takes special care in every project as if it were their own home. We believe in 100% satisfaction and will work with you to recover the structural integrity and restore the natural beauty of your log home. Not matter what size, no matter how old, no matter what condition…Peak Log Home Care is ready to tackle any log home repair and restoration project.

Peak Log Home Care of Blue Ridge, GA

Peak Log Home Care is a full-service log home company specializing in the restoration and repair of cabins and log homes.
 From Blue Ridge to Ellijay – we serve customers throughout Fannin & Gilmer County, GA.